Tuning proiect

Oct 08 2015

Interior tuning - process of usual factory interior refining, aimed at improving or creating a unique style by adding leather, Alcantara, adding a nice looking colors creating an atmosphere of comfort when driving.Interior tuning, as an attempt to improve the car, brings together a large number of enthusiasts around the world, for which the tuning it is a hobby or profession.

Modern manufacturers of cars do everything to reduce the cost of facilities. To do this, they use less skin, replacing it with synthetic leather. Some automakers refused to use at all natural leather and replace it with alternative materials, such as pressed leather. Such material has non-presentable form after only 1-2 years.

A person living in the modern metropolis, during the day spends several hours in his car, so the salon should to the greatest extent meet the needs of driver. It must be ergonomic, comfortable and at the same time pleasing to the eye. Therefore, hauling automotive interiors is the real way to improve ergonomics, aesthetics and presentable interior of the vehicle. 

To create a really high-quality interior of the car is recommended to contact the CARDREAM. After all, we offer a huge range of materials (more than 400 titles and more than 100 kinds of thread) and services of the best experts in the field. We offer the development of a unique design of the interior of the car, so is guaranteed absolute exclusivity and quality of the work performed.

CARDREAM offers Individual selection of the interior design of cars; furthermore, the design is developed together with the customer, where he completely corrects “by himself” the inner world of the iron horse. We offer several options for design of different types of material, at the choice of which perform all work as soon as possible. In the process, the team of CARDREAM can offer several variations (deviations from the course) that emphasize the individuality of your favorite car.

After all performed works, in the process of “Test-Drive” for the first time you will get great pleasure and a lot of emotions not only on the drive, but also on the unique beauty and comfort of your cabin. 

A team of professionals is always ready to help with the selection of materials and interior design, and pricing will delight you.

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