Tailoring Seats

Oct 08 2015

Qualitative hauling of car seats that’s what the company CARDREAM offers. Our auto-atelier performs these works only with materials of proven European manufacturers. All that is connected with the auto-upgrade seats in leather or Alcantara, we do it with the use of modern equipment and technologies provided for each specific car or motorcycle, boat or favorite office chair. Upholstering interior of the vehicle, you can exactly replicate all factory lines and shapes. Recreate an exact copy of a factory option. But at the same hauling of car seats can be supplemented by tuning.

Invent a new anatomy, change colors, combine different natural materials with velour or eco leather. With bright thread personalize car seats, as well as any other element or steering wheel. With us you can always order both “complex” work including big discounts, and “milestone”, with repair of one detail or replacement of an item. And without any overpayments. 

Our experts are always ready to help with the selection of materials, colors and design, both for the full alteration of salon, and for such works as replacement of insert (usually a driver’s seat).

CARDREAM is guarantee of quality and obtainment of the desired result. 

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