Straightening blows

Dec 21 2016

Removing dents (PDR - Paintless Dent Repair) is one such car repair technology, which is comparable to an art. our professionals enough to pick up a body a few simple tools and repairs - a task that seemed impossible - simply can be solved very quickly. Dents on the body, so this annoying motorist disappear right before your eyes. Defect was not known where exactly do you find the area where the repair was performed.

Bespokrasochnoe removal of dents on the body - this is the ideal technology allows body paint is not damaged. This is the best way of straightening and is great for correcting the appearance of the car, where there are only a dent normal, does not require repainting parts for it. Another significant advantage is speed: straightening of the body will be carried out in one hour.

However, you should expect less because removing dents can zatyat about 15-20 minutes, maybe more. It all depends on the complexity dents. Of course, small dents on the car body does not affect reliability and performance. But the sight of even one small dents - especially if the vehicle is expensive and fashionable - is able to permanently ruin the mood of the owner. Another important reason for the disorder is a reluctance to spend a lot of money and time in order to give all the details of repainting repair incomprehensible.

You can not rely on that color is matched correctly. Even if insurance will cover all costs, not worth wasting time and resources on a complicated process if a solution to this little problem can become bespokrasochnoe removing dents.

The cost of car repair, auto body repair varies. It depends on the amount and size defects available. It is as important as their location and, consequently, access to expert. But in any case, the body straightening usually will cost you more. You can save significantly bespokrasochnoe removing dents. The price is at least two times lower than in the previous version to be provided.

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