Sound insulation

Oct 08 2015

Factory noise-insulation of the car in most cases does not allow creating pleasant interior acoustic conditions, because high-quality noise-isolation leads to a rise in the cost of the vehicle. Therefore, the auto manufacturers provide noise-insulation in accordance with the minimum requirements.

When driving various noise or creaking gets on your nerves. The main goal is the comfort of driver and passengers.

Manipulations performed with car with the help of noise-insulation materials can be classified into the following tasks:

  • 1) Actually noise-insulation will give:

    • Reduction of traffic noise
    • Reduction of noise from the motor
    • Elimination of squeaks of the decorative elements of interior

    2) Improved sound speaker system

    3) Heat insulation of interior

CARDREAM depending on these tasks performs the processing of various parts of car and with the help of different quality materials, as the result you will enjoy driving in your car.

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