Restoration of Torpedo (SRS Airbag)

Oct 08 2015

Basically is required after working airbags in the board itself and on the steering wheel. When repairing a torpedo, replace of these pillows is quite an expensive procedure, and therefore it is necessary to choose only a qualified professional with significant experience in the repair of torpedoes. 

This is very important because only the master with experience in the repair of torpedoes, and Air Bags (SRS) is familiar with the technology of these works, the algorithm of all actions and materials used. It is extremely important in the repair of torpedoes to use consumables and only special glue for this type of work.

In a car accident suffers a lot of details and elements of car, and is damaged torpedo, which require special repair. In carrying out torpedoes repair there is a need in the choice of materials and finishes. You may choose materials by yourself or ask for advice our experts. At this stage of work are allowed experiments with colors and textures of materials. 

 You can order a replacement of the old cheap material with entirely new. For example, if you had vinyl torpedo, our craftsmen can upholster it with natural leather or Alcantara, so that there will be no sign of vinyl and the torpedo will look like new, pleasantly surprising you every day.

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