Repair of cracks

Oct 08 2015

Chipped and cracked windshield is a frequent occurrence. CARDREAM offers you windshield repair without replacing it. Modern technology of windows repair allows you to get rid of cracks and chips without a significant reduction in comfort and safety of driving. 

Repaired cracks and chips are practically invisible. Important: the sooner you ask for repairs - the easier and cheaper it will cost.Developed and contaminated crack repair is much more difficult ...

Following the finding of cracked or chipped glass, they should immediately be sealed with tape, if you will not do this there will enter the dirt. This may lead to the fact that even after repair dirty misprints on glass will be visible still.

CARDREAM repairs windshields using photopolymers, if in the crack does not enter dirt, the place where the damage was before, will not be noticeable, because such polymers have the same refractive index as the windshield of a vehicle. After professional repairs in CARDREAM, transparency and strength of automotive glass is restored at 80% - 90%.

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