Padding of steering wheel with leather

Oct 08 2015

Steering wheel is, in the truest sense, the closest and probably the most favorite piece in the car for every motorist. Worn leather on the steering wheel or sticky rubber from which are blackened the hands can not only spoil the mood, but also increase the chance of an accident.

In order to feel the car, its movement and dimensions, and be able to react in time to changes in road conditions, driver’s hands should be placed comfortably on the steering wheel. To do this, you must exclude the possibility of wheel slipping when making maneuvers, as well as to provide convenience of its retention, so hauling of steering wheel is not just a way out, but a necessity. Padding with leather is one of the most popular ways of tuning the steering wheel.

Often hauling of steering wheel is performed to replace the old worn braids, sometimes leather on the steering wheel is an opportunity to stand out from “crowd” of the same serial cars. And, of course, should be mentioned those for whom hauling of steering wheel is part of a fundamental change, or tuning the entire passenger compartment of a vehicle, in such cases, the auto-owners besides the hauling change the shape of the steering wheel. Padding of steering wheel with leather harmonizes perfectly with leather interior, with all kinds of textured inserts of different colors.

CARDREAM help select the optimal leather that will suit your interior in color and texture.

Our masters will change the anatomy wheel for the hand of any car owner, and will give advice on leather care.

Making the steering wheel in CARDREAM, every day of driving will become a pleasure, which cannot be compared.

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