Padding of ceiling

Oct 08 2015

Continuous operation of car invariably leads to loss of its original interior trim appearance. This is especially noticeable on the ceiling, due to its large area in comparison with other parts of interior paneling.

The most common causes headlining aesthetic properties loss is constant influence of dust and dirt.

At constant smoking in the interior sheathing very quickly becomes impartial and dry cleaning significantly reduces the life of your ceiling. At the same time, long-term operation of the car leads to wear and abrasions on the ceiling, which reduces the aesthetic of interior.

Padding of the ceiling will help to restore comfort, sense of purity and originality. In addition, from the design of the ceiling in the car depends on the general interior lighting, its style and elegance of design.

At ceiling hauling is of crucial significance materials used, there is expensive and good quality material, this is Alcantara and Dynamics. There are inexpensive velour, but its quality is much lower.

Due to years of specialists’ experience and numerous experiments CARDREAM can guarantee the quality of work performed and of any material. After processing and constriction of your ceiling in the final you get a new ceiling that you will be proud of and a new design lighten the soul even in the worst weather.

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