Padding door cards

Oct 08 2015

The prerequisite for the change of door trim can be worn upholstery, appearance of damage from chemicals, thermal burns (e.g., of cigarettes), a desire to change the style of the interior, to make trim more original, exclusive, or on the contrary, practical. Often clients, who come to us for constriction of doors, then come for the additional services, wanting to arrange everything in the same style.

To perform this type of work it is advisable to contact the CARDREAM, the masters of which have considerable experience in the conversion of car interiors and a truly original and unique designs.

Our company has the ability to create an exclusive version of banners, door trim. To this end, our designers based on customer’s requirements create several projects, after which the client chooses the most appropriate. During the development of the project are taken into account not only requirements of the customer, but also the car brand, as well as the style in which is decorated its interior.

In CARDREAM are always ready to help with the choice and selection of materials for sewing and hauling of the door of your car, and after all performed work doors will enjoy every day.

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