Heating of seats

Oct 08 2015

Not every car in its original equipment has such a useful and pleasant option as heated seats. Therefore, to drivers whose seats are not heated, it is suggested heating with the help of seat mantles or by installing a heating device under the car seat cover. This service is in demand that is quite logical, since it provides some comfort for driver. And who wants to sit in the cold of winter on a cold coating, threatening a variety of colds. Moreover it is not so expensive.

Installation of built-in models does not present any difficulties or dangers, but has its own characteristics.

The installation process is reduced to opening seat trim, installation of preheating system, connection to the power supply and installation of the control buttons. Therefore, it would be for highly - skilled professionals that you can find in CARDREAM.

Some car-owners install heating not only on seats, arranged in front, but also on the rear sofas.

In CARDREAM you can install with confidence heated seats, as soon as possible, receiving a guarantee on all work. 

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