Dry Cleaning of car

Oct 08 2015

The main objective in CARDREAM is to create an enabling environment for finding of the person in the car.

Anyone notice that the car has long ceased to be a luxury; it is now a means of daily transportation, in which we spend at least 1\6 of the day. But dust, dirt, food, animal fur are also a vehicle, but for a variety of parasites, and they have a negative impact on your respiratory ways, and at long influence, on overall health. Allergists recommend using the service – dry cleaning of car interior, twice a year! 

It helps to eliminate dirt, dust, stains, even in remote places, where you do not even see them. We do it with the most advanced, the most well-known brands that specialize in materials for cleaning car interiors. So we use for interior cleaning the best equipment Karcher that do not give any chance to parasites to hide in your interior. 

At the same time we do not expose your interior to artificial drying, which adversely affects the structure of any interior materials; we practice only natural drying, which allows the moisture to evaporate by the most natural way.

We work with materials that do not affect human health, leaving no dry residue in the structure of your interior, on plastic products and leather; our chemicals are safe for you, your children and pets.

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