Dec 25 2016

The question is quite simple, because we all know that leather is durable, has a lasting color, wear resistant and this material always is a sign of prestige and nobility. 

It is not rubbed, unpretentious in care. To achieve this effect, automotive leather runs a series of tests to become a complete, high-quality product.

CARDREAM always gives you a choice! We do not present one or another material, because one is better than another. We do this in order to make you understand what kind of material it is used. If possible, try to demonstrate the hauling process itself, and select ANY of the materials you liked.

Leather it is one of the most popular materials. Today, almost no premium car interior and sometimes of middle class cannot do without leather interior. What is the reason... perhaps, is the fact that the leather looks good, is expensive and does not require special care.

Indeed, leather is rather unpretentious. It would be enough just to wipe it with a cloth with cleaner, and it will look as good as new. It is not subject to rapid wear and serves for a very, very long time. But even taken into account all its easiness, after all, it is necessary to make periodically leather conditioner; it updates its appearance, because no leather is protected of stretching, shrinkage and aging. The only advice, probably, that you should not give preference to leather of bright colors for the seats, if you prefer black clothes and dark colors, over time it can lead to contamination of leather pigments. 

Let’s see how should be genuine automotive leather. It must withstand high temperature differential, humidity, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and have a high performance on abrasion, tear, etc. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the leather interior is an attribute of the car of business or the elite class, which obliges manufacturers to make leather high-end quality product.

  • Leather should be:

    • elastic,
    • have ability to recover its original shape,
    • pleasant to the touch,
    • breathable and hygroscopic
    • have a coating of stable color and high resistance, meets the highest standards;
    • in addition, the structure of leather surface pattern normally should coincide with pattern surface of plastic elements.

CARDREAM uses only high-quality leather for the final product not only looks elegant, but also robust, giving an exclusive color in combination with unique comfort of your interior.

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