Auto imitation leather

Dec 25 2016

Faux leather is a form of artificial leather that is created with the help of modern equipment, is characterized by high strength and is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic material.

For creation of faux leather a cotton fabric-base is painted with a polyurethane film coating.

This material is not subjected to mechanical stress that allows creating elastic and pleasant for body seats, with a movable structure.Special soft of faux leather is achieved by coating with polyurethane material.

Polyurethane is a polymer with high resistance to abrasion and damage.The increased mobility of spatial grid of polyurethanes and unique ability to adapt to environmental changes cause such a remarkable property of faux leather as the restoration of external deformation of polymer network.

In composition of modern polyurethanes enters a large part of “functional groups” that do not differ practically on the characteristics of natural leather components. At production of faux it is used special technology that forms through-penetrating film micro-pores.

 In this way is achieved the effect of breathable fabrics, moreover faux leather perfectly absorbs water. In the cold season auto seat covers of faux leather do not harden of cold, but in the heat protect against overheating, because faux leather is perfectly breathable. 

It is worth noting that polyurethane does not contain any substances harmful to humans, so faux leather is perfectly safe for health and does not cause allergic reactions. In comparison with PVC faux leather is odorless, and increased breathability eliminates the risk of “greenhouse effect”. 

Faux leather is high-grade and reliable imitation leather.To haul torpedoes or any interior decorative elements, to sew the seat of eco-leather is easy and pleasant: the material is smooth, soft, has a solid structure.Cuts of faux leather, unlike the natural, have correct shape without elongated edges and other “surprises”. Faux leather originally was designed as an inexpensive alternative to leather.However, the development of science and technology has allowed imitation leather largely on the characteristics surpassing natural leather.

Physical-chemical properties of faux leather are such that this material do not stretch and is not covered with cracks. They are soft to the touch, but have high strength and wear resistance. Thanks to a presentable appearance and high quality of products from faux leather are especially liked by car owners. Faux leather is also perfectly fit in the home environment.

Care of faux leather, how to save interior as new for many years.

Despite the fact that faux leather is a modern material that is based on high technology, it requires the same careful treatment, as well as natural. To remove from the surface traces of tea, coffee or juice, it should be wiped with a damp cloth of soft tissue, and then remove any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Dust and dirt are successfully cleaned in the same manner. If pollution cannot be removed at once, you can use vodka or 50% alcohol solution of ammonia.

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