Dec 25 2016

Auto-fabrics are a collective name of fabrics suitable for manufacture of covers for car seats.Auto-fabrics must meet several requirements: to look aesthetically pleasing, to be easily cleaned of dirt, to be liquid impermeable, to withstand temperature extremes, be resistant to abrasion.Our triplicate and duplicate auto-fabric satisfy all these conditions.

For seats is suitable pile fabric and jacquard fabric. Pile fabric, also called auto-velour is widely used as auto-fabtic both for base interior trim and sew of covers or seats.

Jacquard differs with dense weaving, this smooth fabric is less subject to the accumulation of dust, as well as pile fabric, is often used for base seat upholstery and sewing of qualitative auto-covers. CARDREAM tries to use materials that are used for a long time, do not require complex care, are aesthetic, harmless and are not very expensive. We always find auto-fabric for every taste and the best price.

Often there are vehicles having a combination of automotive fabrics and skin in the interior. These types of interiors are made on order are distinguished by their personality and style. It is already possible to think very deeply about the design and color scheme. The ratio of flowers of various materials and automotive fabrics will lead to very interesting and creative options. Or vice versa, choose the tone of colors and options to create business interior. Any variants of interior design can be decorated with a rich assortment of colors and textures from catalogues of auto-fabrics of CARDREAM.

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