Dec 25 2016

Alcantara is a universal material that has found applications in many areas.

In particular: furniture, clothing, jewelry, hats; upholstery of car and yacht interiors.

In appearance and feel Alcantara is sometimes confused with suede (material, in principle, is considered an artificial suede). Due to practicality and at the same time luxurious external qualities of material, it is often used in car tuning - for inserts in the seats and cockpit panels.

Soft, velvety and pleasant to the touch. Durable. Hardwearing (not shiny and rubbed after many years of operation). Resistant to external influences (after the fire interior, upholstered with Alcantara, of course, will lose its salable condition, but in the case of surface contact with the spark, it will not light up). Alcantara can be repaired without visible consequences. No waste when cutting (which significantly affects the price of the finished product).

Alcantara is more elastic than leather, allowing you to use this material for car seat covers, ceilings hauling, torpedoes, doors, or other decorative elements of the most intricate shapes and miniature products. For cleaning of product, upholstered with this material, fit simple skin cleansers. It can even be machine washed.

Material clearly demonstrates the versatility, practicality and reliability of its composition.

Using artificial fabric you solve a variety of tasks. Regardless of what kind of material was used by you. To save clean Alcantara sheathing, unlike other types of surfaces is quite simple.

Remember, it is much easier to prevent pollution than later puzzle over their cleaning.

To do this, you just have to respect minimum rules for the use of surfaces of various kinds of tissue.

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