About Us

Dec 26 2016

Atelier “CARDREAM” is engaged in tuning of cars of different segments since 2007.

To date, the company has successfully established itself at the market of Moldova.

At the same time is tuning atelier, which from the beginning has been directed to create its own projects, without regard to other manufacturers. Basic policy is to create exclusive and practical design of interiors, which are pleasant to deal with every day. A constant dialogue allows you to accurately articulate the customer need and place an order corresponding to his/her delicate taste.

When we buy a car, want to get not only a means of transportation, but also car with an exclusive design, which would be indicative of driver’s individuality. To create such a unique will help, primarily, CARDREAM with wide application of various materials and accessories.



CARDREAM offers an individual selection of vehicles interior design; furthermore, design is developed together with the customer, where he completely corrects “by himself” the inner world of the iron horse, relying on a huge selection of high quality materials (suede, leather, Alcantara, artificial leather, carpet). It is also possible partial furnish of salon in wood style (maps, some elements of the dashboard), as well as its exclusive design (applying labels (e.g. Mercedes), or pattern.


Main activities:


  1. Complete finish of cabin, which has no analogues in the world!;

  2. Finish of rudder and wings;

  3. Padding of the seats of cars, motorcycles, quads, boats, aircraft, etc.;

  4. Finish of dash and console;

  5. Padding of car ceiling;

  6. Finish of door cards and racks;

  7. Sale of materials.

In CARDREAM are used only high quality materials, which have a high resistance to wear.

At the same time, thanks to the numerous experiments and extensive experience of masters, interior finishing of cars is carried out in a professional manner.

Team of professionals is ready to make your iron horse unique for you while driving to enjoy mot only the road, but also unique beauty and comfort of your cabin.

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